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Cañoñ printers give high-quality printing documents with high speed and have become an integral requirement of our personal as well as professional life. Get your cañoñ Printer connected with your device and download the setup from ij.stárt.cañoñ and learn how to install it. The cañoñ ij printer setup is very cost effective and because of its functionality all your money has been spent on the purchase of this device.

Follow these Setps to Download Cañoñ Printer Drivers for your Windows System

  • Make sure You are connected to the Internet & Open the Web Browser Like Google Chrome Or Firefox Or Safari on Your computer.
  • At the top of your Internet browser type ij.stárt.cañoñ & press Enter.
  • It Should Automatically Take You the Downloading site & they’re You Need to Type the Model Number of Your Printer.
  • Now It will Search for Requested Model in the database & find it Please click On Start the Right.
  • It May Provide You Some Pre-installation Advice on screen Please Follow that.
  • Depending On Your computer Operating system It Will Asks You to download the cañoñ Printer Driver.
  • Download the setup & Install the Application.

Steps Below to Install Ij Start Cañoñ Printer for your Window System

  • The first step is to locate the downloaded cañoñ printer setup file.
  • Now, double-click the cañoñ ijsetup file and open it.
  • A new window “User Account Control” will appear and it will ask permission.
  • Permit the same by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of it. Click “I Agree” to continue the process of installation.
  • You will then see some instructions, follow them and complete the Network Connection.
  • Then, wait for the process to complete successfully.
  • Finally, click “Exit” on the “Installation Complete” window.
  • Your installation process is complete.

Guidelines to Setup Ij Strat cañoñ Printer On Windows

  • To begin, go to ‘ij.stárt.cañoñ ’ and install software your printer’s driver.
  • Turn on your cañoñ printer and double-check that the power switch is correctly plugged in.
  • After that, open the downloaded driver setup file and click next until you reach the screen where you may select “Wireless Setup”.
  • Now, navigate to your cañoñ printer’s interface and touch the WiFi setup button after selecting the wireless option.
  • Click OK after selecting the device settings.
  • Next, Choose Device Settings LAN Settings and press ‘OK’ button
  • LAN Settings Wireless Lan Setup and press on ‘OK’. Now your printer will search for access point.
  • Make sure you turn on your WiFi router. WiFi flashlight is now going to blink on the printer.
  • Next on the screen is a network list. Select from the list your WiFi network and click ‘OK.’
  • Show your WPA/WEP key (WiFi password). Enter the right password and click “OK”.
  • Your printer can connect to the WiFi network in a few moments.
  • You may therefore quickly complete the wireless cañoñ ij setup for your Windows machine by using the preceding instructions.

Guidelines to Setup Ij Strat cañoñ Printer On Mac

  • First, download and setup the driver through ij.stárt.cañoñ Mac.
  • In the first portion of this text, follow the instructions above to insert the cañoñ Printer on your device on the same WiFi network.
  • Then open the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences. Open System Preferences.
  • Now, from the system preferences window click the printer shaped icon called “Printers and scanners”
  • Click the “+” sign in the bottom left of the screen, which shows a pop window.
  • If it is connected already through the network, you may see your printer name in the left pane. To start the setup procedure, click on it.
  • Check and you’re going to be ready for use.

Steps to Setup up Network settings Properly for cañoñ ij Printer

  • Press the “Menu” button available on the operational panel of the cañoñ IJ printer
  • Then, you have to navigate to the “Network Settings” that appear on the screen.
  • Select the “LAN settings” and then click OK.
  • You need to scroll down to go to the “Wireless LAN Setup”
  • All the available networks will appear in the search results. You are to select the network you wish to connect your cañoñ IJ printer to.
  • For setting up the right connection between your cañoñ IJ printer and network, enter the correct password for the selected network.
  • After you have entered the correct password, click OK to confirm.
  • When the process comes to an end, you can visit cañoñ ijsetup to download the latest drivers for the ij.stárt.cañoñ .
  • Install the drivers with the help of on-screen instructions.
  • When the installation process is over, restart your system.
  • Now, you can scan and print.